Start with a strong concept

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A strong concept is the glue that holds your ad campaign, website, brochure and all your marketing efforts together. It is the single most important element to creating relevant, hard to ignore messaging. At times, it can also be the most difficult part of the creative process, which is why a number of people choose to skip this step and jump right into execution, which is after all the fun part.

But what gets my heart beating faster is landing on a great concept. Suddenly, you can’t get the ideas out of your head fast enough. It’s like drinking from a creative fire hose.

A strong concept tells a story – it is the best story you can tell about your product, service or client. It’s a story that should be crafted, re-crafted and repeated throughout the entire campaign, because it is only then will your target audience begin to understand, and more importantly remember, what makes you different from the competition.

Combine that with great, persuasive copywriting that appeals to both the head and the heart, and what you end up with is something that has become harder and harder to find – a truly great idea.






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