October 22

Generation Lockdown

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We all win

February 7

Most of the spots that ran during the Super (Boring) Bowl this year were pretty “meh.” But this one by Microsoft stood out as the clear winner.

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Love letter

January 28

I love this video. It’s old-er, but still is a great example of how to sell the features of your product in a real, authentic way. Every advertiser strives to be “authentic” and relatable but this one achieves it so effortlessly.

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The gift of you

December 22

Just in time for the holidays, this sweet story not only tugs at the heartstrings but delivers a message that we all can appreciate.

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The wisdom of Mr. Rogers

November 28

I saw this article posted on Adweek. Yeah, I know. I too felt like it was a bit “clickbait-ish” but guess what? Everything in here was really relevant. Okay, so maybe it’s just me and my optimist outlook on life (And Mr. Rodgers) but if you have a few minutes and a quiet place, take […]

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Making homework fun

October 31

When I first saw this ad, I loved it. It made me smile. The narrator (Mark Fenske) give the perfect, somber delivery, while we watch kids having fun doing their homework. Rather than simply showing the product and pointing out all the cool things that it can do, this commercial tells a story about kids […]

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The power of imagination

October 25

What’s not to like about this video? The whole retro feel, the soundtrack, the imagination of children. As the write up on it says, “We’ve all been that kid sitting in the back seat of our family car, wishing we were somewhere else.” It’s not a hard sell, but more of a love story. One […]

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The Power of Story

October 20

This ad by P&G explains “Black Lives Matter” in a moving and powerful way.  

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Tell me a story

August 8

  Who doesn’t love a good story. As a copywriter, this is the whole reason why I got into this business – to tell stories that are relevant and moving. Here are 11 brilliant examples that will not only move the reader but will move them to take action.  

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Why do I love this? Let me count the ways.

March 1

I love anything that goes beyond the traditional boundaries and uses the environment as part of the message. In this case, it acknowledges the fact that you’re probably sitting in traffic, not moving (Or moving very slowly) and thus the long copy ad. Love the headline. It’s a promise of an interesting story. Love the […]

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