Tell me a story

August 8

  Who doesn’t love a good story. As a copywriter, this is the whole reason why I got into this business – to tell stories that are relevant and moving. Here are 11 brilliant examples that will not only move the reader but will move them to take action. The 11 Best Corporate Storytelling Examples of […]

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Worth the wait

June 20

I’m not a huge basketball fan ever since our hometown team left Seattle, but I thought this was a nice (And perfectly timed) ad done by Nike.

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Why do I love this? Let me count the ways.

March 1

I love anything that goes beyond the traditional boundaries and uses the environment as part of the message. In this case, it acknowledges the fact that you’re probably sitting in traffic, not moving (Or moving very slowly) and thus the long copy ad. Love the headline. It’s a promise of an interesting story. Love the […]

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Thank you, advertising

December 3

If you’re in advertising, and particularly if you’re a creative, this is a must read. Enjoy.

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The de-evolution of creativity?

November 17

  As a freelance copywriter I’ve worked at a number of “agencies” and have come to the realization that there’s no going back to the days when concept was king and doing work that was just good enough, wasn’t good enough. It seems nowadays being a copywriter can mean everything from a content provider to […]

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Strong writing in the B2B space should be a priority

November 6

This seems like a no-brainer, right? Still, you’d be amazed at how little importance is placed on good writing. Words have become secondary to Pictures, when it reality, when both Words and Picture work together, your story will not only cut through the clutter, but close the deal as well.

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The loudest person in the room

August 2

It seems that these days, the people who talk the loudest and longest are heard more than those who don’t. But are they the smartest?

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The passion of words

June 23

Here’s what happens when a brilliantly crafted script meets a perfectly casted voice.

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Pure genius

June 18

I love these spots. Having worked on the Washington State Tourism account, I know how difficult it can be to get good, creative work approved and on the air. These spots (Although somewhat dated) are masterfully crafted, with the perfect voice talent (Mike Rowe, a native) and beautifully written copy.

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The lost art of copywriting

December 30

One of the reasons why I got into copywriting was because I loved to write, which is why it was always baffling to me to see young copywriters who couldn’t write body copy to save their lives. Here’s one explanation.

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