The passion of words

June 23

Here’s what happens when a brilliantly crafted script meets a perfectly casted voice.

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Pure genius

June 18

I love these spots. Having worked on the Washington State Tourism account, I know how difficult it can be to get good, creative work approved and on the air. These spots (Although somewhat dated) are masterfully crafted, with the perfect voice talent (Mike Rowe, a native) and beautifully written copy.

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The lost art of copywriting

December 30

One of the reasons why I got into copywriting was because I loved to write, which is why it was always baffling to me to see young copywriters who couldn’t write body copy to save their lives. Here’s one explanation.

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Has the Internet killed the art of copywriting?

December 12

Has the Internet killed the art of copywriting? Blame the Millennials with their short attention spans or for that matter, the world’s short attention spans, or our need for instant gratification. Whatever the reasons, we are now moving so fast to seemly keep pace with everyone else, we are missing all the nuances of life that makes […]

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What makes a good creative director?

October 31

I’m a firm believer that in order to produce great creative, you must inspire, provide guidance and then, step out of the way. I’m always amazed at how few people in our industry understand what truly motivate and drives creatives. It’s not by sending them back to the drawing board time and time again with no direction. […]

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The art of advertising

October 27

I know and you know that advertising is first and foremost a business, or as the saying goes, “It’s not creative unless it sells.” That being said, I think this is a great example of an ad that “sells” albeit softly, with beautiful, captivating footage.  

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Storytelling at it’s best

March 31

As a copywriter, I love ads that tell a story. Here’s one that not only does that, but seamlessly wraps that story around the products benefits. [cvg-video videoId=’20’ width=’400′ height=’400′ mode=’playlist’/]

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A great example of storytelling

March 31

As a copywriter, I love ads that tell a story. Here’s one that not only does that, but seamlessly works in the product benefits.

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A New Year. A new reason to love content.

January 3

Content is still king, now more than ever. With Content Creation and Content Strategist being the new buzzwords tossed around these days the good news is, the realization that content, good content is something that is truly lacking. Agencies and clients alike are discovering that relevant, smart and compelling content can not only make businesses […]

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Why hire a senior freelance copywriter?

January 2

I saw a Facebook post the other day from one of my advertising buddies. It said: “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.” Being a senior freelance copywriter myself, I’m sure this will sound like shameless self-promotion, but when you think about everything you get, and don’t get (Like a […]

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