A great example of storytelling

March 31

As a copywriter, I love ads that tell a story. Here’s one that not only does that, but seamlessly works in the product benefits.

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A New Year. A new reason to love content.

January 3

Content is still king, now more than ever. With Content Creation and Content Strategist being the new buzzwords tossed around these days the good news is, the realization that content, good content is something that is truly lacking. Agencies and clients alike are discovering that relevant, smart and compelling content can not only make businesses […]

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Why hire a senior freelance copywriter?

January 2

I saw a Facebook post the other day from one of my advertising buddies. It said: “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.” Being a senior freelance copywriter myself, I’m sure this will sound like shameless self-promotion, but when you think about everything you get, and don’t get (Like a […]

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The power of radio

December 8

People talk about how radio is a dying medium, but with more and more people commuting to work, or as I say on my website, “Out of the 118 million + people in the U.S. who commute by car, 95% are listening to the radio.” The problem is, a lot of creative people can’t or […]

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I love foam core

November 19

A product demonstration that’s a work of art.

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A tasty video from Chipotle – Back to the start

November 12

Not only does this video make a larger statement about goodness of getting back to the basics, it positions Chipotle against all the chemically induced fast food places. Here’s the thing, it does it all without talking about how much better tasting their food it, or how fresh their ingredients are – heck, they don’t […]

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The power of storytelling

November 6

As a copywriter, this is music to my ears and it’s something that I’ve always felt passionately about. Whether you’re talking to 20-year-old Millennial or a 65-year-old Boomer, people will always be draw in, captivated and ultimately moved to take action by a convincing story, told with passion and conviction.

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Ron Burgundy. A brilliant spoksperson

November 4

I think it was brilliant (And courageous) for Dodge to use Will Ferrell as their spokesperson. Yes, ultimately, he’s plugging his Anchorman II movie, but that’s part of what makes this all work. Does he tout the features of the cars? Not really. Do the ads show the cars driving down a twisty mountain road […]

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The Spoken Word

November 1

I thought this was quite amazing.

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Has concept taken a back seat to execution?

September 7

With people’s attention span growing shorter and shorter by the minute…no, by the second, and, with no real mentorship of young creatives, AND, with marketing managers and AEs running just to keep up, people are looking for a quick fix. A flashy solution that will grab people’s attention but not their hearts or their minds. […]

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