Why hire a senior freelance copywriter?

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trust_me_ive_done_this_before_comfy_lightweight_t_tshirt-rf14d7ec17e5146dcaef36cb10793d567_804gy_324I saw a Facebook post the other day from one of my advertising buddies. It said: “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.”

Being a senior freelance copywriter myself, I’m sure this will sound like shameless self-promotion, but when you think about everything you get, and don’t get (Like a complacent attitude, project and client burnout, lack of passion, etc.) hiring a senior freelancer makes total sense, and from what I’m seeing, hearing and experiencing, is something that is trending upwards.

We’re experienced, therefore, we’ll get to the answers faster.

Having “been there and done that” a seasoned freelancer knows the right questions to ask, and knows how to get what they need to develop the kind of creative that will ultimately produce great work.

We’re fast and efficient.

Because we’re not bogged down with the politics of the account, or bring with us the baggage of what the client will or will not buy, we can put our efforts into thinking outside the box and not find ourselves down in the weeds where many internal creatives teams, by no fault of their own, live.

Fresh ears. Fresh eyes.

We come into projects with no prior knowledge or history of the project, which is exactly what most people want. We can look at things from a more objective perspective and bring solutions to the table that are fresher.

We’re part of the team.

As freelance creatives, we come with no egos – our main objective is to deliver great work that both the client and the agency will be happy with. We love working together with internal creative teams to help them meet those creative objectives, because at the end of the day, if we can make the agency look good to their clients, then we’ve done our job. In turn, we hopefully will get the repeat business, and develop a solid and trusted business relationship. In a way it’s the old “two birds with one stone” approach. Not only are we doing the work, but it’s also our way of developing new business.

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