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Reading this you may think, “Damn you! This is just a shameless attempt at self-promotion.” I’ll confess, there is some of that, but the fact is, there are real reasons why you’ll find great copywriting here in Seattle, priced competitively compared to other markets. Here’s why:

Home sweet home. I don’t think of Seattle as a “stepping-stone” type of market, like Chicago, LA or New York. You know, a place that’s great for your career but not so great if you want to settled down and raise a family.

Consequently, you have some very talented people who would rather set their roots down here, than to move onto a bigger market. All of which raises the level of creative work and expectations.

Smaller budgets. Here, we don’t have ginormous ad budgets to cover up a mediocre concept. The smaller the budget, the stronger your idea has to be. It’s like being naked – you better have a good body because you don’t have a lot of expensive clothes to cover it up.

Entrepreneurial spirit. I almost hate saying this since it’s so overused but here it’s true. Think Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and countless others that are headquartered here in Seattle. They weren’t held back by conventional wisdom. They colored outside the lines, and believed in themselves. The same holds true for the creative community.

Last but not least, the rain. Okay yeah, maybe I’m trying to find a sliver lining in all these rain clouds, but it does keeps us holed up inside with less time for distractions, like hanging out in the sunshine, or shredding some waves – you know, unpleasant activities like that.  Instead, we’re hunkered down behind our laptops drinking coffee and crafting and re-crafting the words to produce concepts and copy that is nothing less than stellar.

The result of all this is a strong, conceptually driven group of somewhat pale, sun-starved copywriters who will quite honestly, give anyone in the country, a run for their money.

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